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Tips and Tricks to Generating the Best AI Cocktails

Learn how you can up your game and get BarGPT to generate teh best cocktails.

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While most of the hard work is done by the AI models, creating good AI generated cocktails does come down to how well you create the prompt (what we call the order). Here are a few tips to generating great cocktails.

  • Don't just ask for a specific cocktail (e.g. an Old Fashioned or Cosmo) unless you just want to find what you could have Googled.
  • Ask for something based on your mood "create a cocktail to cheer me up"
  • Ask for something based on a flavor profile "create a spicy cocktail with a little salty taste"
  • Don't list a bunch of specific ingredients "create a cocktail with Vodka, lemon juice and bitter" - you will likely get that exact drink.
  • Ask for something that pairs with a certain food "create a cocktail that pairs with a burger"
  • Ask for something to celebrate a specific holiday "create a cocktail to celebrate Christmas"
  • Ask for something inspired by a show or movie
  • If you want to only limit the drink to ingredients you have use our premium "In My Bar" feature.