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5 Underutilized Cocktail Ingredients

1. Aquafaba

Aquafaba, or the liquid from a can of chickpeas, is an incredible vegan substitute for egg whites in cocktails. Perfect for sours and fizzes, it gives a frothy texture without the use of animal products.

Check out the Whipped Breeze, an AI Generated cocktail with Aquafava.

2. Shiso Leaves

Native to Asian countries, Shiso leaves have a distinct flavor profile that lies between mint and basil. These leaves can provide a refreshing twist to classic cocktails.

Check out the Shiso Serenade, an AI Generated cocktail with Shiso Leaves.

3. Mezcal Rinse

While mezcal, with its smoky flavor profile, is growing in popularity as a base spirit, it's also spectacular as a rinse to provide a smoky aroma to classic cocktails like the martini or the old fashioned.

The Smoky Serenade is a great example of how to use a Mezcal rinse.

4. Saline Solution

A drop or two of saline solution can enhance and balance flavors in a cocktail. The subtle salinity can elevate other flavors, making them more pronounced and harmonious.

Margaritas like this elegant one are an easy way to get started with saline solution.

5. Amaro

This bitter-sweet Italian liqueur is often consumed as an after-dinner digestif. However, its complexity can add depth and a unique twist to many classic cocktails.

Check out over 70 AI generated Amaro cocktails.