Generate AI Cocktail


BarGPT Premium Features

BarGPT premium gives you all of our best features so that you can maximize your enjoyment of our AI generated cocktails. Here are some thoughts on some on how to get the most out of BarGPT Premium.

  • Create unlimited AI-Generated cocktails. Whether for a random weekend or a signature event use some of our prompt tips to generated the best AI cocktails to impress your friends and family.
  • Get new names or images for your cocktails. AI doesn't always create the the result you are looking for. On the 'Cocktail Menu' for each of your generated cocktails you can request to have the image or cocktail name regenerated.
  • Use our bookmark feature to keep track of any of your favorite cocktails, whether you created them or another user did.
  • Ask for a meal recommendation to pair with your cocktails. Directly from the Cocktail Menu you can request our AI create you meal that pairs well with the cocktail.
  • Best part, all of the above and the entire site can be experienced AD-FREE!

Reminder, you can get all of our premiums features via our cheap subscriptions OR by "tipping us" to get one time premium capabilities.

Not interested in premium but want to create more cocktails? Check out how to earn free AI cocktails.