Generate AI Cocktail


Free AI Generated Cocktails from BarGPT

While we think our premium features are well worth the few dollars they cost, we understand some folks may not want to pay for premium but do want to create more AI generated cocktails. To help out we provide a few ways to earn credits that will earn you additional free credits to create your AI generated cocktail.

  • Share an AI Generated cocktail with your social media. It can be a cocktail you created or one you found. Simply click the social network under the cocktails image and share away.
  • By liking cocktails (clicking the heart icon while logged in) you help us find the best AI cocktails and we reward you with some free credits.
  • If you run a website or blog and write about us (with links to our site) we will happily give you free credits. Just sent us a direct message on any of our social media platform (links at the bottom of the page).

Now that you know, go place your AI cocktail order.