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Elixir of Innovation

Created By: @FrankGPT

Request: A cocktail to ease the pain of being removed as CEO of OpenAI

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Elixir of Innovation, an AI generated cocktail recipe by BarGPT.  Bittersweet elixir symbolizing change and new beginnings

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Serving : 1 cocktail

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The Elixir of Innovation is a bittersweet concoction designed to reflect the complexity of change and the courage to embrace new beginnings. It's a sophisticated blend of ingredients that symbolizes letting go of the past while still celebrating the achievements that led to this moment. The combination of earthy, rich flavors with a hint of sweetness serves as a reminder that every ending is an opportunity for a fresh, innovative start.

- 2 oz Aged Rum (representing wisdom and experience)
- 1/2 oz Amaro (signifying the bittersweet nature of transition)
- 1/4 oz Maple Syrup (for a touch of sweetness amidst adversity)
- 2 dashes Walnut Bitters (adding depth and complexity)
- A splash of Sparkling Apple Cider (symbolizing the effervescence of new opportunities)
- Garnish: Thinly sliced apple wheel (representing the cycle of leadership and renewal)
- Ice: Clear ice sphere (implying clarity of vision)

Serve in a chilled old-fashioned glass to maintain the integrity of the drink's flavors and the symbolism of tradition blending with innovation.

1. In a mixing glass, combine the aged rum, amaro, maple syrup, and walnut bitters.
2. Add ice and stir the mixture gently until well-chilled.
3. Place a clear ice sphere in the chilled old-fashioned glass.
4. Strain the cocktail over the ice sphere in the glass.
5. Top the drink with a splash of sparkling apple cider.
6. Carefully float an apple wheel on top of the drink as garnish.
7. Take a moment to reflect on past successes and future ventures.
8. Sip slowly and let the Elixir of Innovation provide comfort and inspiration for the road ahead.