Twisted Citrus Cooler


Created By: @tweeniors7

Refreshing non-alcoholic citrus cooler

Twisted Citrus Cooler

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Serving : 5 oz

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AI Request:a non-alcoholic drink using my ingredients using only a subset of the following ingredients maraschino cherry cherry lemon juice premium vodka chili powder rosemary sprig grapefruit juice ancho chili liqueur pineapple juice cilantro leaves bitters mint aperol chocolate syrup vanilla syrup beer orange liqueur grapefruit twist crushed ice ancho reyes chili liqueur jalapeño pepper thyme sprig passion fruit syrup sparkling water mint sprig coconut water vodka orange juice black pepper sweet vermouth honey syr...
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Description: The Twisted Citrus Cooler is a refreshing and vibrant non-alcoholic drink that perfectly balances tangy and sweet flavors. Combining Persian lime juice, Valencia orange juice, and a twist of rich simple syrup from Twisted Alchemy, this drink is a zesty delight. Garnished with a mint sprig and served over crushed ice in a highball glass, it's the perfect way to cool down and rejuvenate your senses on a warm day. Ingredients: - 2 oz Persian Lime Juice - 2 oz Valencia Orange Juice - 1 oz Rich Simple Syrup from Twisted Alchemy - Crushed ice - Mint sprig for garnish Instructions: 1. Fill a highball glass with crushed ice. 2. In a shaker, combine the Persian lime juice, Valencia orange juice, and rich simple syrup. 3. Shake well and pour the mixture over the crushed ice. 4. Garnish with a fresh mint sprig. 5. Serve immediately and enjoy!


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