Twilight Mist


East meets West in captivating, innovative cocktail

Twilight Mist
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AI Request:Make me a unique, complex cocktail with sake and an absinthe rinse without St. Germain and without honey. using only a subset of the following ingredients lemon bitters grenadine st germain elderflower liqueur exorcism bitters green chartreuse liqueur amaro liqueur brandy bourbon whiskey aged rum dark single malt whiskey irish cream liqueur rhum agricole simple syrup licor 43 mr. black coffee liqueur calvados apple brandy tawny port honey maple rye whiskey absinthe chili bitters coffee cherry bitters elot...
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The Twilight Mist cocktail is a captivating blend of East meets West, intertwining the delicate nuances of Japanese sake with the mysterious depths of absinthe, while embracing the complexity and warmth of aged spirits. This innovative cocktail is served in a chilled coupe glass, first rinsed with absinthe to lay the foundation of its ethereal aroma, then meticulously constructed to offer a sip of the unexpected. **Glass:** - Chilled Coupe **Ingredients:** - Absinthe rinse - 1.5 oz Sake - 0.5 oz Green Chartreuse Liqueur - 0.5 oz Calvados Apple Brandy - 0.25 oz Licor 43 - 0.25 oz Amaro Liqueur - 0.5 oz Fresh Lemon Juice - 2 dashes Lemon Bitters - 2 dashes Persimmon Ginger Bitters - Simple Syrup to taste (optional) **Garnish:** - Lemon twist - Brandied cherry **Preparation:** 1. Begin by rinsing the chilled coupe glass with absinthe. Pour a small amount of absinthe into the glass, swirl it around to coat the interior, and discard the excess. 2. In a mixing tin, combine sake, green chartreuse, Calvados apple brandy, Licor 43, amaro, fresh lemon juice, lemon bitters, and persimmon ginger bitters. If a sweeter cocktail is desired, add simple syrup to taste. 3. Fill the mixing tin with ice and shake vigorously until well-chilled. 4. Strain the mixture into the absinthe-rinsed coupe glass. 5. Garnish with a lemon twist and a brandied cherry on a cocktail skewer. **Tasting Notes:** The Twilight Mist is an ethereal journey of flavors, beginning with the anise-forward aroma of absinthe that seamlessly transitions into the subtle floral and rice notes of the sake. The green chartreuse and Calvados introduce herbal complexity and apple warmth, while Licor 43 adds a velvety sweetness contrasted by the amaro's bitter herbal qualities. Lemon bitters and fresh lemon juice cut through with brightness, and the intriguing addition of persimmon ginger bitters lends a unique, spicy finish. Each sip invites you to explore further into the mist.


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