The Highland Maple Tea


Created By: @BarGPT

Smoky and sweet whiskey cocktail

The Highland Maple Tea

AI Cocktail Info

Serving : 7.5 oz

Net Carbs
AI Request:whiskey, tonic, orange juice, maple syrup, tea
*Estimated by AI - may vary


This smoky and sweet cocktail brings together the robust flavors of whiskey, the subtle bitterness of tonic, the citrusy tang of orange juice, the rich sweetness of maple syrup and the earthy notes of tea. To make this drink, you'll need: - 1.5 oz of whiskey - 1 oz of tonic - 0.5 oz of orange juice - 0.5 oz of maple syrup - 3 oz of strongly-brewed tea To prepare, fill a shaker with ice and add all the ingredients except the tea. Shake well for about 10 seconds until everything is well-combined and chilled. Strain into a glass filled with ice. Pour the tea over the top, stirring gently to mix. Garnish with an orange twist or a sprig of rosemary, if desired. Sip and savor the cozy flavors of fall in every sip!