Spectral Sipper


Created By: @FrankGPT

Hauntingly refreshing cocktail inspired by Ghostbusters

Spectral Sipper

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Serving : 1 cocktail

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AI Request:A cocktail inspired by Ghostbusters the movie
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The Spectral Sipper is a hauntingly refreshing cocktail inspired by the iconic film, Ghostbusters. This otherworldly green drink combines the tartness of lime with the herbal notes of basil, all underpinned by the smooth and smoky flavor of mezcal. Perfect for those who aren't afraid of no ghosts, it's a cocktail that captures the spirit of adventure and the thrill of the ghost hunt. Ingredients: - 2 oz Mezcal - 1 oz Fresh Lime Juice - 3/4 oz Simple Syrup - 1/4 oz Green Chartreuse - 4-5 Fresh Basil Leaves - 1 Egg White - 2 Drops of Orange Bitters - Sprig of Basil and Lime Wheel for Garnish - Ice Glass: - Chilled Coupe Glass Instructions: 1. In a shaker, muddle the basil leaves gently with the lime juice and simple syrup to release their essence. 2. Add the mezcal, Green Chartreuse, egg white, and orange bitters to the shaker. 3. Dry shake (without ice) vigorously for about 15 seconds to allow the egg white to emulsify, creating a smooth texture. 4. Add ice to the shaker and shake again vigorously for about 20 seconds to chill the mixture. 5. Double strain the mixture into the chilled coupe glass to ensure a smooth, frothy top. 6. Garnish with a sprig of basil and a lime wheel placed on the rim of the glass. 7. Serve immediately, with a playful warning of potential ghostly encounters. The Spectral Sipper is not only a nod to the eerie and supernatural elements of Ghostbusters but also a sophisticated cocktail that bridges the gap between classic and contemporary mixology. Enjoy this captivating concoction as you toast to the brave souls who keep the spirits at bay.


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