Smoky Orchard Twilight


Sophisticated cocktail with bourbon, rum, amaro, mezcal, and bitters

Smoky Orchard Twilight
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Serving : 1 cocktail

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AI Request:Make me a sweet, slightly smoky cocktail with a split base of bourbon and overproof rum without lemon juice. using only a subset of the following ingredients amaro liqueur simple syrup rhum agricole elote mezcal lemon juice luxardo maraschino liqueur brandy st germain elderflower liqueur calvados apple brandy green chartreuse liqueur suze liqueur tepeztate mezcal mole bitters bols banana liqueur habanero bitters tajin seasoning chili bitters black rum tawny port bourbon whiskey blended scotch whisky homem...
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Description: The Smoky Orchard Twilight is a sophisticated cocktail that marries the warmth of bourbon with the boldness of overproof rum, creating a base that's both potent and smooth. Infused with the slight sweetness of amaro liqueur and the rich, earthy notes of elote mezcal, this cocktail delivers a symphony of flavors that are balanced, intriguing, and slightly smoky. The use of simple syrup adds just the right amount of sweetness, making it an ideal choice for those who appreciate a cocktail that's complex yet approachable. Mole bitters add a layer of spice and depth, enhancing the smokiness and integrating the diverse flavors into a cohesive whole. Served in a lowball glass, the Smoky Orchard Twilight is a testament to the art of cocktail crafting, offering a sensory experience that's both unique and memorable. Ingredients: - 1 oz Bourbon Whiskey - 1 oz Overproof Rum - 0.5 oz Amaro Liqueur - 0.25 oz Elote Mezcal - 0.5 oz Simple Syrup - 2 dashes Mole Bitters Glass: - Lowball glass Instructions: 1. In a mixing glass filled with ice, pour the bourbon whiskey, overproof rum, amaro liqueur, elote mezcal, and simple syrup. 2. Add two dashes of mole bitters to the mix. 3. Stir the ingredients well until the mixture is well-chilled. 4. Strain the cocktail into a lowball glass filled with a large ice cube. 5. Garnish with a charred piece of corn husk or a twist of orange peel for an aromatic finish. 6. Serve immediately and enjoy the sophisticated blend of sweet, smoky, and slightly spicy flavors in your Smoky Orchard Twilight.


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