Silk Road Martini


Created By: @tweeniors7

Exotic and innovative cocktail with botanical gin and East flavors

Silk Road Martini

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Serving : 1 cocktail

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AI Request:Invent a cocktail using sesame oil and rice wine vinegar using gin or vodka
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Embark on an exotic journey with the Silk Road Martini, a sophisticated and innovative cocktail that marries the botanical notes of gin with the intriguing flavors of the East. This refreshing and slightly savory concoction is sure to captivate your palate with its unique blend of ingredients. Ingredients: - 2 oz gin (preferably one with a light botanical profile) - 1/2 oz dry vermouth - 1/4 oz rice wine vinegar - 1/4 oz simple syrup - 1/2 tsp toasted sesame oil - 1 dash of orange bitters - Garnish: toasted sesame seeds and a thin cucumber slice Instructions: 1. Begin by chilling a martini glass. Fill it with ice water and set it aside while you prepare the cocktail. 2. In a mixing glass, combine the gin, dry vermouth, rice wine vinegar, simple syrup, and orange bitters. 3. Add ice to the mixing glass and stir well for about 20-30 seconds to chill the mixture without diluting it excessively. 4. Discard the ice water from the chilled martini glass. 5. Drizzle the toasted sesame oil into the bottom of the martini glass so that it coats the surface lightly. 6. Strain the contents of the mixing glass into the martini glass, being careful to layer it over the sesame oil without mixing the two entirely. 7. Gently float a pinch of toasted sesame seeds on the surface of the drink to enhance both the aroma and the presentation. 8. Carefully place a thin cucumber slice on the rim of the glass or float it on top as a garnish. 9. Serve immediately and enjoy the harmonious interplay of East and West in this modern martini interpretation. The Silk Road Martini is a drink that is as visually appealing as it is delicious. The toasted sesame oil creates a silky sheen on the surface, while the rice wine vinegar balances the sweetness, adding a subtle tangy note that complements the gin's botanicals. The result is a cocktail with a complex flavor profile and an alluring aroma that promises a taste of adventure in every sip.


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