Himalayan Whisper


Created By: @raksispiritsco

Balanced cocktail with white Raksi whiskey, ginger, and basil

Himalayan Whisper

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Serving : 1 cocktail

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AI Request:A refreshingly spicy or earthy cocktail with white Raksi millet whiskey
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The Himalayan Whisper is a cocktail that balances the fiery spirit of white Raksi millet whiskey with the refreshing and earthy tones of ginger and basil, creating a symphony of flavors that's both invigorating and grounding. This innovative drink pays homage to the high-altitude terrains where millet thrives, blending traditional ingredients with a modern twist. It's perfect for those who appreciate a cocktail with a kick, balanced by the natural, soothing flavors of the earth. Ingredients: - 2 oz white Raksi millet whiskey - 1/2 oz fresh lime juice - 1/4 oz ginger syrup - 1/4 oz honey - 2 fresh basil leaves, plus one for garnish - 1 thin slice of fresh ginger, for garnish - Club soda, to top - Ice Instructions: 1. In a cocktail shaker, muddle the fresh basil leaves gently with the lime juice, ginger syrup, and honey to release their flavors. 2. Add the white Raksi millet whiskey and fill the shaker with ice. 3. Shake well until the outside of the shaker feels cold. 4. Double strain into a chilled highball glass filled with fresh ice to remove the basil and any ginger pieces. 5. Top with club soda for a refreshing fizz. 6. Garnish with a fresh basil leaf and a thin slice of ginger on the rim of the glass. Glass: - Highball glass The Himalayan Whisper is a testament to the beauty of blending tradition with innovation, offering a unique cocktail experience that's both spicy and refreshingly earthy. Enjoy the warmth of the Raksi whiskey as it's beautifully complemented by the vibrant flavors of ginger and basil, making every sip a journey to the heart of the Himalayas.


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