Bourbon Rye Old Fashioned


Created By: @BarGPT

Classic whiskey cocktail with bitters and soda water

Bourbon Rye Old Fashioned

AI Cocktail Info

Serving : 1 cocktail

Varies depending on the specific brands and proof of the whiskeys used*
Approximately 200 calories*
Net Carbs
Approximately 4 grams of net carbs*
AI Request:Bourbon rye old fashioned
*Estimated by AI - may vary


This classic cocktail is a must-try for any whiskey enthusiast. It's made with a blend of bourbon and rye whiskey, combined with bitters, sugar and a splash of soda water. Ingredients: - 2 oz bourbon whiskey - 1 oz rye whiskey - 2 dashes Angostura bitters - 1 sugar cube - Splash of soda water - Orange peel and cherry, for garnish Instructions: 1. Add the sugar cube to an old fashioned glass and sprinkle the bitters on top. 2. Use a muddler to crush the sugar cube and dissolve it in the bitters. 3. Add ice cubes to the glass, followed by the bourbon and rye whiskies. 4. Stir gently to combine. 5. Add a splash of soda water and garnish with an orange peel and cherry. 6. Serve and enjoy!


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