Blue Meth Magic


Visually stunning cocktail with tequila and blue Curaçao

Blue Meth Magic
AI Request: A light blue tequila cocktail based off of the AMC series Breaking Bad


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Serving : 1 cocktail

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Inspired by the iconic Breaking Bad series, the Blue Meth Magic is a tantalizingly light blue cocktail that not only dazzles with its color but also delivers a sophisticated blend of flavors, providing an unforgettable experience. This drink is a nod to the series' infamous blue meth and is guaranteed to be the highlight of any gathering. **Ingredients:** - 2 oz. Blanco Tequila - 1/2 oz. Blue Curaçao - 1 oz. Fresh Lime Juice - 1/2 oz. Agave Syrup - A splash of Soda Water - Ice - Blue rock candy for garnish **Glass:** - Chill a Highball Glass **Instructions:** 1. In a shaker filled with ice, combine the Blanco Tequila, Blue Curaçao, fresh lime juice, and agave syrup. 2. Shake well until the outside of the shaker feels cold. 3. Strain the mixture into the chilled highball glass filled with ice. 4. Top it off with a splash of soda water for a refreshing fizz. 5. Garnish with a stick of blue rock candy, leaning against the side of the glass for that iconic "blue meth" look. The Blue Meth Magic cocktail is a visually stunning creation that's as enjoyable to look at as it is to sip. The combination of tequila and blue Curaçao offers a refreshing and slightly citrusy taste, while the lime juice and agave syrup balance it with a perfect touch of sweetness and acidity. This cocktail is best enjoyed in the company of fellow Breaking Bad aficionados, during a themed party, or as a unique addition to any cocktail menu seeking a touch of drama and intrigue.