Alpine Whisper


A symphony of alpine flavors and herbal notes

Alpine Whisper
AI Request: I want to use genepy and fernet branca or absinthe


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Serving : 1 cocktail

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The Alpine Whisper cocktail is a symphony of alpine flavors and herbal notes, designed to intrigue the palate and refresh the senses. This innovative concoction marries the light, floral notes of genepy with the complex and slightly bitter taste of Fernet Branca, all while introducing a hint of absinthe to elevate the aromatic profile. It's a drink that transports you to a twilight in the mountains, where the air is crisp and the scenery is steeped in mystery. This cocktail is perfect for those who appreciate a drink that's as complex as it is inviting. Ingredients: - 1.5 oz Genepy - 0.5 oz Fernet Branca - A dash of Absinthe (about 1/4 oz) - 0.75 oz Fresh Lemon Juice - 0.5 oz Simple Syrup - 0.5 oz Egg White (optional, for froth and texture) - 2 oz Carbonated Water - Ice - Garnish: A sprig of fresh mint or an edible flower for elegance Instructions: 1. In a cocktail shaker, combine the Genepy, Fernet Branca, Absinthe, lemon juice, simple syrup, and egg white (if using). 2. Dry shake (shake without ice) vigorously for about 15 seconds to emulsify the egg white and integrate the ingredients. 3. Add a generous amount of ice to the shaker and shake again vigorously for another 15-20 seconds to chill and dilute the mixture properly. 4. Strain into a chilled highball glass filled with ice. 5. Gently top with carbonated water, creating a layering effect. 6. Carefully stir the cocktail to integrate the carbonated water while maintaining its layered appearance. 7. Garnish with a sprig of fresh mint or an edible flower nestled on the surface of the drink. Serving Glass: Highball Glass The Alpine Whisper is a testament to the beauty of combining robust and distinctive ingredients to create something truly unique. Each sip is a journey through the Alpine meadows, with the assertive flavors of the spirits softened by the fresh lemon and the airy texture of the egg white. The carbonated water adds a refreshing effervescence that makes this cocktail a delightful experience from start to finish.