Alpine Ember


sophisticated, bracing, and complex cocktail

Alpine Ember
AI Request: I want an alpine mezcal cocktail. I want it to be bracing and dark but not overpowering. A good sipping drink


AI Nutrition Facts

Serving : 1 cocktail

varies depending on the specific brands used*
approximately 180*
Net Carbs
approximately 8 grams*
*Estimated by AI - may vary


The Alpine Ember cocktail is a sophisticated, bracing, and complex drink that combines the smoky essence of mezcal with the deep, herbal notes reminiscent of the alpine forest. This drink is perfect for sipping slowly, letting its layers reveal themselves one by one. It’s dark and intriguing, but balanced in a way that it doesn't overpower the senses. Ingredients: - 2 oz Mezcal (choose one with a medium smokiness) - 1/2 oz Genepy (an herbal liqueur from the Alpine regions) - 1/4 oz Amaro Nonino (for a touch of bittersweet complexity) - 1/4 oz Maple Syrup (for a slight sweetness to balance) - 2 dashes Angostura Bitters (to add depth) - A small sprig of rosemary (for garnish) - A thin slice of orange peel (for garnish) - Ice Instructions: 1. In a mixing glass, combine the mezcal, Genepy, Amaro Nonino, maple syrup, and Angostura bitters. 2. Fill the mixing glass with ice and stir well for about 20 seconds, or until the mixture is well chilled. 3. Strain the mixture into a chilled old-fashioned glass filled with a large ice cube. This type of glass complements the drink's complex flavors and makes it more enjoyable to sip. 4. To garnish, slightly char the tip of the rosemary sprig with a lighter or torch to release its aroma. Place the sprig in the drink. 5. Twist the orange peel over the drink to express its oils, then run the peel around the rim of the glass before adding it to the drink as an additional garnish. The Alpine Ember is a testament to the idea that cocktails can be as complex and mysterious as any fine wine or aged whiskey. With its blend of smoky, herbal, and bittersweet flavors, it’s an ideal drink for moments of contemplation or relaxation after a long day.