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AI Cocktail
AI Cocktail
AI Cocktail
AI Cocktail
AI Cocktail
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You can only have a Gin & Tonic or Vodka & Soda so many times


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Frequently Asked Questions

  • As huge fans of both technology and cocktails I was curious how AI could help me step up my cocktail creativity. After playing with ChatGPT a little I was impressed with how it created cocktail recipes but not with the experience, so BarGPT was created.
  • Hell no. First off you need someone to physcially make drinks, we don't do that. Skilled bartenders do a lot more than put ingredients together and AI still has mastered all of that yet. That said, I think BarGPT can add a sense of fun and creativity to bar menu and help inspire unheard of flavors and presentations.

  • Well the primary reason is that we have to pay to run BarGPT. Hosting, AI APIs and development resources all cost money. We've tried to create very flexible pricing plans so that you can find a plan that works for you. We also offer free access for those that help us market the site through reviews, blog posts, videos, etc.
  • One of the interesting ways people can use BarGPT is to create cocktails or experiences that help them market their brand. This can be for any type of busines or event. You can learn more at our Brand Marketing page.

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