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Here is what makes BarGPT the only cocktail tool you will need

Create AI Generated Cocktails

Use your own creativity to describe the perfect cocktail and BarGPT will serve it up. It even comes with a picture.

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You can view the top rated cocktails created by folks from all over the world.

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Created the next modern classic? Don't forget t share it with your friends on social media.

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Swipe left or right to help us find the best AI created cocktials.

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Bookmark your favorites for your next cocktail experiments.

My Liquor Cabinet

Find or create cocktails based on the cocktails you have available to you.

Food Pairings

Get AI generated food pairings for cocktails.

Rename & Re-Picture Your Cocktails

Don't like the generated name or picture of your cocktail, ask our AI for a new one.

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